Two for the Show

About the album artwork: I came up with that because I was a Norman Rockwell fan. I showed it to the guys and said, “What if we take all of these playbills out and put in Kansas programs and stuff.” [-Phil Ehart]

Coming up with ideas was one thing, but making them happen was another. Tom Drennon made them happen. He had to re-shoot that Rockwell cover. He had to find women that looked like that. He found the theater OK, and he made it look great and he had the woman on the left picked out, but he couldn’t find the woman on the right. He came to me and said, “This shoot is killing me. I’m in L.A., the casting center of the world and I can’t find the woman on the right.” Finally, he called and said, “I found the woman on the right; my mother.” I said, “Your mom?” He said, “I looked at her one day, and I pulled her hair back and I said, ‘This is the woman!’”

“He worked his ass off on that cover, and he won an award from the Norman Rockwell Association. They presented him with The Most Realistic Reenactment of a Rockwell Painting. That cover won a lot of design awards. I was a Rockwell fan and I had the lithograph of the painting titled “The Charwoman.” I looked at that and thought, “Man, that would be a great live album. Those two women are cleaning up the theater after the live show.” Everyone liked the idea and Tom made it happen. He really deserves a ton of the credit for those Kansas albums because a lot of ideas were thrown at him and he was able to make them a reality.”