In 1998, KANSAS released an orchestral album; Always Never the Same, recorded with the London Symphony Orchestra at Abbey Road Studios in London. They followed with an orchestral tour accompanied by top-caliber symphony orchestras.

In 2000 KANSAS went back into the studio with original band member and songwriter Kerry Livgren to produce Somewhere to Elsewhere, the first album featuring all 6 of the original players in 20 years! The ten new songs were written by Kerry Livgren and recorded in his studio in Topeka, KS. Players included: Phil Ehart, Billy Greer, Dave Hope, Kerry Livgren, Robby Steinhardt, Steve Walsh and Richard Williams.

In 2002, KANSAS released a state-of-the-art DVD using the latest technology in film, audio and visual design, entitled Device-Voice-Drum and was the driving force behind the 2002/2003 tour.

Sony Music released a boxed set in 2004 titled Sail On which featured unique KANSAS cuts as well as vintage video footage on the DVD disc that was included.